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mendelson business integration

Is a global software solution for your EDI requirements.

  mendelson converter

Allows you to convert data from any format to any other format.

  communication adapter


Many companies, small businesses, and big organizations rely on our applications.

Our loyal customers include companies from automotive, banking, chemical, engineering, logistics, retail and just about everyone in-between.

Our References at a Glance

We built the company that we’d want to do business with. We hope you do too.

  • Useful is forever - We build useful software that does just what you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Great service is everything - We’re famous for fast and friendly customer service. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day.
  • Our customers are our investors - Our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our products. We answer to them — not investors, the stock market, or a board of directors.
  • The basics are beautiful - We’ll never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.
  • No hidden fees or secret prices - We believe everyone is entitled to the best price we can offer. Our prices are public and the same no matter who you are.
  • Software should be easy - EDI can be complex. We try to do our products intuitive. It includes many features but is preselected and preconfigured so you can start quickly.

Here’s everything we offer

mendelson business integration - It is a global software solution for your EDI requirements. It give you an EDI solution for highest requirements - and this for an acceptable price.

mendelson converter - It allows you to convert your data from any format to any other format. EDI to XML, XML to EDI, XML to XML and EDI to EDI.

mendelson converter IDE - We offer also an integrated development environment to develop and deploy your mappings/conversions.

Our standalone communication software:

mendelson AS2 - EDIINT AS2 solution

mendelson OFTP2 - OFTP2 solution for ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2

mendelson rosettaNet - RosettaNet solution

Our open-source contributions:

Our certificate authority:

Recent Community News

Submitted on 18.11.2015

In reply to Multiple Local Stations?

futon88, the SSL keystore must have only one key and multiple certificates.


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Submitted on 18.11.2015

In reply to build 47 sends 500 to openas2


We tried to reproduce this problem in February 2015 but found that it is impossible in the Apache HTTP client (the API we use to s ... More

Submitted on 18.11.2015

In reply to build 47 sends 500 to openas2

This is the header of the message: mime-version = 1.0 date = ven, 11 nov 2015 23:11:37 GMT content-type = application/pkcs7-mime; name="smime.p7m"; ... More

Submitted on 18.11.2015

According to the jetty log when I receive a connection from openas2 my station replies with a 500: - - [17/Nov/2015:23:54:45 +0000] "POST /as2/HttpReceiver HTTP/1.1" 500 - "-" ... More

Submitted on 17.11.2015

In reply to Console menu Items and buttons not working. Output only showing null

I couldn't find anything. I tried even tried deleting ~/.java. In the end I backed up and reinstalled the ... More

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